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Akron Nursing Home Team Members Volunteer at NAMI

October 29, 2019
Sandy Heard, Admissions Director for Hickory Ridge, along with Lisa Mahin, Admissions Director for Canal Pointe, volunteered early Saturday morning at the University of Akron for a great cause. They gathered with many others to help NAMI, the National Association for Mental Illness.

Both Directors love giving back their community in any way they can. We feel so lucky to have such kind-hearted people representing our facilities!

As part of the Foundations Health Solutions family of nursing homes, Hickory Ridge Nursing and Rehab Center and Canal Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation follow the values of nursing home developer Brian Colleran by creating a Culture of Care in our nursing home and community.

Team members like Sandy and Lisa are integral to cultivating Foundations Health Solutions' Culture of Care in our nursing homes and our communities. Founded by Brian Colleran, Foundations Health Solutions skilled nursing facilities are committed to its residents, families, communities, and teams throughout Ohio.

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